Workshop - Strings

Fiddle Convention 2020 Workshop...

Material and information for violinists

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Practical tips for your recording

The general setup needed


Tuning Tones

A 443 Hz





Play-along for your first recording
(Zwei schwedische Schottisch, bars 1 to 20)

  1. Start recording on your own recording device (for example your smartphone)
  2. Start the Play-along Zwei schwedische Schottisch, bars 1 to 20

(listen with your headphones ...!)

  1. Listen to the countdown
  2.  Play at "Zero" (or count silently your pause bars)
  3. Stop recording
  4. Rejoice!
  5. Take a selfie
  6. Send in your recordings  (by 14 June at the latest)
  7. For questions write to

Notes on sending in

Please help us with the further processing.

Please follow the instructions for sending your files.

Continuto nexparts...

Play-along 2 for "Zwei schwedische Schottisch"
Bar 21 until end

(The procedure is the same as described above for your first recording)

Play-alongs for Medley "Kieschka und Troika"

Troika – Tempo 120 (quarters)

Troika – Tempo 140 (quarters)

Troika – Tempo 160 (quarters)

Troika – Tempo 180 (quarters)

Play-alongs for medley "Hundred Fiddlers"
Bars 1 to 17 (Hundred Pipers)

Bars 18 to 35 (Devil Among the Tailors)

Bars 36 to 53 (Staten Island)

Bar 54 until end (Mrs McLeod's Reel)